After many years of customer requests, we have finally made the decision to begin selling landing page templates. We will only be offering HTML templates at the beginning and expanding platforms as sales roll in.

Selling templates was inevitable in our future as a landing page agency and the decision to do so was not so easy. Read below to understand why.

Landing page template

It Must Be Perfect

The transition from landing page agency to a template author is not an easy one. Creating landing pages and selling them on a public marketplace requires a great magnitude of due diligence; from pixel-perfect code, responsiveness, to backend performance. 

Building a template from scratch is a super meticulous process. Not only does every line of code have to be perfect but the customers who are purchasing the template are spending a lot of money driving traffic and they cannot afford for any f*ck ups.

The decision to begin selling templates was tangled in this knot. We knew we had the talent and resources but we didn’t have any experience.  It’s one thing to design and build for a client, and another to design and build for the global market.

Slow and Steady

We will only be selling HTML landing page templates at the beginning. This will allow us to put our entire efforts into one platform and ensure whatever we create is pixel-perfect and ready for global markets.

HTML is also the preferred choice of platform for elite media buyers + affiliate marketers. HTML landing pages load faster, they are easier and lighter to work with and you can easily integrate them with your Shopify or WordPress using permalinks.

Mobile First Design

90% of traffic in 2021 will come through mobile and we are more than ready for it. Our landing page templates will be mobile-first; we will create the design in mobile, code in mobile, and control the entire user-experience on mobile.

Our mobile first landing page templates will be designed a bit differently than the desktop design. We will focus on the mobile user experience and remove any redundancy/structure that interferes with it.

AMP Mobile Pages

Mobile will dominate 2021 and we obviously know that. We use AMP framework when developing your mobile page. This is something we are extremely excited to be offering because instant loading landing pages will boost your conversion rates. Users will no long bounce or have to wait for your page content to load. Not only is this a conversion booster, but also a Google pleaser;  you’ll enjoy the benefits of ranking on Google too. Say goodbye to GT Metrix forever.

Super Affordable

If you’ve ever worked with us at our agency, you know one thing: our prices are ridiculously fair. We will be selling landing page templates between $125-$199, which is an absolute bargain when you consider everything you are getting.

  • CRO-tested landing page template
  • Separate AMP mobile design and build
  • Separate desktop design and build
  • Clean minified code for optimal performance

24 Hour Launch

Buying a landing page template is a fast, economical, and scalable solution. You no longer have to wait 7-10 days for an agency to do it (or longer).

Hosting the landing page, editing the text + images, and launching can be accomplished in less than 24 hours. HTML is one of the easiest frameworks and hiring a professional to manage your changes should cost you less than $100.

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