We did not design this landing page. We are just admirers. Our philosophy at Landing Page Dude is to hunt down brands spending the most online, find winning landing pages, and implement all the ‘goodies’ and conversion elements into our clients landing pages.

If you are in the health/supplement space then you should be no stranger to Immuneti™. They are a health brand that has been dominating the online ad space for over 3+ years with their super popular products and CRO-tested landing pages.

The Perfect Landing Page

The First Fold

If there is one type of client that is most vocal about the importance of structuring the first fold correctly, it is affiliate marketers, and oh boy have we learned a lot by working with them.

Performance marketers invest their own capital into offers and they cannot afford to be sending their traffic to junky ClickFunnel templates that are not responsive, take 10s to load, and have not been CRO-tested. That’s why they come to us.

Here is EVERYTHING we know on how to build a high converting first fold based off 6+ years working with super affiliates, top 100 Shopify stores, and Instapage’s CRO team. 

Mobile First + Super Responsiveness

Before we get into the content and structure of the first fold, we need to discuss the importance of having your first fold show perfectly on mobile + all other devices.

In the simplest of terms: A clear offer, product image, social proof, and call to action buttons have to be above the first fold when viewing on mobile and other device screens.

If you take a look at Immuniti’s landing page on mobile, desktop, laptop, or tablet; you’ll notice that all the first fold elements fall ABOVE the screen cut off. This is exactly what you want.

Lastly, if you are hiring a designer to work on a new landing page then we strongly suggest asking them to deliver the design in Mobile first. 90% of your traffic comes from mobile and that number is only going to climb. Having your landing page designed in mobile will offer your customers a better experience and help you convert more.

Want a landing page like Immuneti? We can design and build it for you for only $999.

Conversion Elements

Selecting the right conversion elements, copywriting, and call to action is critical to high conversions. Gone are the days of setting up a free Shopify theme, taking 30 seconds to create the headline, and running traffic. It just doesn’t work anymore.

From our own agency experiences and from parters we work with; one of the biggest obstacles we see when designing and building landing pages is delivering a cohesive product.

You can hire the design team at Apple™ to design and build you a landing page but it will fail to make any sales unless there is a clear offer, clear call to action, and strategy involved.

Every element in your first fold has to have purposes and the same amount of love and effort you put into your landing page design; must be equal to every other element on the page.

Follow the Leader

Why reinvent the wheel when you can borrow the same structure from a hugely successful online company that has spent millions in ad spend + CRO?

What makes us love Immuneti’s landing pages is the simplicity. Less is more. And by giving your consumer a simple. digestible, and content heavy experience; you are paving the path to more sales.

Let’s start with their headline:

Meet the 6 in 1 Immunity
Defense Super Power

Could this headline be any more perfect? In less than 10 words, you know exactly what this product is all about. You are also being sold on a 6 in 1 solution, which makes consumers think they are getting an awesome deal.

Let’s tackle their simple copywriting next!

Perfect Landing Page

When buying health products, especially capsules, there is an innate feeling of ‘uncertainty/fear’.  Using powerful words to illicit emotion is a century old trick. “Doctor-Formulated”, this is what build trusts. “Get immuneti for as low as $15” this is what breaks down uncertainty. And the benefits speak to our current pandemic times.

Even though we always say “use a descriptive call to action”, sometimes using a simple SHOP NOW is just as good, especially when the rest of the first fold is executed perfectly.

Want a landing page like Immuneti? We can design and build it for you for only $999.

perfect landing page
Super HQ bottle render with clear labelling
Showing ingredients visually and vibrantly on a blue contrast

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