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Creating an interactive shopping experience for your customer isn’t going to be optional in 2021. It is going to be a standard. That’s if you want to keep up with consumer shopping trends.

The ability to offer your consumers a way to “test out” products in real-time is going to skyrocket your product page conversion rates. According to a Shopify study, 3D models have increased conversion rates by as much as 250% on product pages.

  • Shopify is moving its video and 3D model options for merchants from third-party integrations and custom coding to natively hosted. 
  • This will allow merchants to never leave the Shopify platform when uploading media for products.
  • Shopify said 3D models have increased conversion rates by up to 250% on product pages.
  • Other retailers and platforms are also introducing 3D models and videos, including eBay, Amazon, Ikea, and Wayfair.

The cost of getting a 3D product created ranges between $200-500 depending on the agency you work with. We charge only $175 per product and it usually takes between 2-3 business days.

Should you be using 3D products in your store? Do your products even fit the criteria? The answer is simple. YES.

The stroller GIF above is taken from Shopify’s case study on Bumbleride, a stroller company and Shopify merchant. They saw their conversion rates spike up by 33% for their 3D interactive strollers and time spent on pages increased by over 21%!.

Another case study featured Rebecca Minkoff, a luxury retailer. They used 3D products/models and found that consumers were 44% more likely to add a product to the cart and 27% more likely to place an order.

Ask yourself this: If you were able to increase checkout rates by 27% for $175, would you do it? The answer is an astounding yes. That’s why it’s crucial in 2021 to stay on trend and implement the same tools and widgets billion dollar corporate goliaths are using and have already tested to improve conversion rates.

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