The checkout is your store’s most critical moment. The easier and faster it is for your customer to make it to checkout, the more money you can make.

A few things you can implement right off the bat to increase checkout conversions is allowing your customers to save their payment and shipping info by enabling the one-tap for checkouts. According to Shopify, enabling one-tap checkouts increases checkout experience times by 60%.

one-tap checkout

Another important step you can take is eliminating the add-to-cart step by allowing customers to buy directly from your product pages. The less friction, the easier it is for your customer and the data clearly shows: simplicity is the conversion king.

Buy now button

And last for the best, capitalizing on your customer’s desire for instant gratification by letting them pay for your products in installments through a buy now, pay later app like AfterPay.

buy now pay later

Which begs the question:

Are you doing too much by forcing customers through a series of upsells and cart pages? The answer is split down the middle.

Consumer behavior has changed significantly throughout the pandemic and what we are beginning to see is customers expectations of a virtual shopping experience rise.

With record breaking global online shopping in 2020, customers are becoming normalized to premium checkout experiences that are incentivized, super fast, and frictionless.

Using strategy and walking through your customers’ journey to add smart upsells is absolutely what you should be doing.

Abusing upsells apps to maximize sales without any strategy and forcing your customers through pages and upsells is what you shouldn’t do. In the end, simplicity always wins!

Make sure your checkout experience is fast, optimized, and built entirely around your customers journey.

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