A slow loading website means you suck.

You might as well go and build a website in Yahoo GeoCities lol

Everyone at the Landing Page Dude headquarters can agree on one thing. A slow loading website is by far the #1 most talked issue online, in almost every Facebook marketing/ad group we are in, and it’s also one of the biggest issues we see with new customers at our agency.

WordPress, Shopify, and even HTML; the slow loading plague doesn’t spare any victim.

For every second a page takes to load, conversion rates drop by 7% to 10%. It's crucial your landing pages are loading lightning fast in 2021.

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A slow loading website means that a) you suck b) Google hates you and c) huge drop in conversions. It doesn’t matter if it’s paid or organic traffic; you are being affected everywhere. It will also be more difficult to rank on Google and you will lose 7-10% of your paid traffic for every single second your page takes to load. If this happens, You’ll never be able to join the cool kids over at the ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club. Such a cruel world.

Google AMP

The greatest irony of the almighty slow load time issue, is that it’s 100% easy to fix and extremely affordable. As a matter of fact, Shopify recommends it on their Shopify Plus reports and a lot of top eCom brands online have already adopted it. It’s called Google AMP and it can change your life.

Imagine waking up tomorrow and the sky is a purplish pink, trees are big piles of cotton candy, unicorns are galloping everywhere and your website loads instantly without any buffer.

This is the true reality of Google AMP, minus the cotton candy and pink sky. We believe in unicorns. Sunstar ❤

Building your landing page OR homepage with Google AMP is the SOLUTION to a slow loading website.

The build is very simple. You build the homepage in clean minified HTML and the mobile page in AMP.

CTA’s are connected via hyperlink to your eCommerce store. So stop complaining about your slow loading website online and go and do something about it.

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